Wednesday 29 August 2012

Orientation programme and workshop at the Livingstone Foundation Higher Secondary School

Mrs. Ranjana Rai, Member, National Training Panel and Manager, YES AVS conducted two days orientation programme and workshop at the Livingstone Foundation Higher Secondary School, Dimapur. Students attended the workshop with great enthusiasm and even gathered courage to ask her if she herself practices what she preaches and lives the award? And that, what difference could the award make in their lives? The answer was but obvious with rhetoric phrase, “nothing is small or big, it is the small efforts that bring positivity and change within you, the environment, then your community, society and finally the country.” The Idea of sharing the young talents of Nagaland was becoming a dream come true with the International Award for Young People outreaching the programme to every corner, for the people who have been longing to enrol for similar programmes.

The staff of the school was introduced to the programme and the Principal and Chairman, Mr. Andrew Ahoto gave his full support to this endeavour. LFHSS begins the IAYP programme this month in its effort to Create Committed Citizen of India. Following Mr. Ahoto’s initiative to introduce IAYP in the school, LFHSS has become a YES Centre in Nagaland and It has joined hands with The Assam Valley School in its effort to build the Youth in the North East of India. All the best LFHSS!

From an award leader: “IAYP is indeed not just an Award, but the reward of living the award and becoming a better human being each day in our lives.”

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