Thursday 16 August 2012

Adventure trip to Panchalingheswar, Odisha

Bronze Level Adventure Trip by Valley View School 4th, 5th & 6th August 2012 - A report
Our Adventures Journey for Bronze Level started on 4th August with leaving for the Balasore station.  We all were smiling & looking forward to an exciting journey.  After reaching Balasore, we rode on the trekkers and reached Panchalingeshwar by approx 1:30 pm in the afternoon. After reaching there we all had lunch and then rested for some time.   In the evening we all went for rock climbing. Our instructor showed us various types of holds & gaps. After the briefing we got opportunity to climb two kinds of rocks, one bending at 30 Degree and another at 70 degree approx. It was an interesting and adventurous activity.  

The next day we got up early in the morning and went for jogging and did some warm up exercises. After the breakfast we were prepare for exploring the villages nearby. We trekked for almost 3 km area. The scenery was very beautiful.  After exploring and trekking, we rested for sometime and went for offering our prayers in Panchalinghesar temple. After visiting the temple, we went for rock climbing and rappelling.  This activity was very adventurous and was full of fun.  After coming back we had our lunch and rested. In the evening our instructors taught us about putting up a tent.  We also learned about it's technical parts. We were also taught to tie various kinds of knots which is a very skillfull technique.   After we came back to the rest house, we had a learning session with our instructors. 

On the last day we packed our bags early in the morning and were ready to go back home, yet feeling like "going from home". The days spent at Panhalingeshwar were full adventure and fun.  When we come here, we only had our luggage but we carried a lot of experience and knowledge back with us. 

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