Sunday 27 December 2009

Two new partnerships - YP & Nanhi Chhaan

The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation has signed an MOU with IAYP India, a great opportunity for doing the Service projects for the Awards.

The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that works with the objectives of empowering the rights of the girl child, promoting women's empowerment and protecting the environment by preserving trees.
The Foundation partners and works with the support of civil society institutions, the media, industry, government partnerships and corporate organizations along with citizens to create a movement for humanity, that restores the balance of the environment as well as empowers girls and women to access their basic rights. The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation works to achieve the above mentioned objectives by using the positive and secular power of all faiths to reach out to people.


As the year 2009 ends, we have a great year to look back... Ram Nath Foundation, RLSS, INME, HSBC, MAX India Foundation, JCB... and now YP, all have been wonderful partnerships. The volunteers and participants are definately going to enjoy working with our partners and do full justice to the respective projects. In addition the Sri Aurobindo Society have been more than kind to support us too.
What will we do with YP?
1. We will now let the YP Volunteers Register as participants from our Open Award Centre, the individuals register ONLINE. Thus the Volunteer work will be acknowledged with a certification.
YP will be able to give the internationally valid certificates to their Volunteers, when the fulfilled the Award needs.

2. We will work together on projects, as the Award participants can do Service/ Skills/ Residential with YP. Thus YP will get more volunteers, as there is the need to work for 18 months to get the gold, the participants will be regular on YP projects.

3. Events and workshops – for awareness and fund raising.

4. Co Branding and promotions.

Let us win hearts and partner, to challenge young people everywhere.

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