Thursday 31 December 2009

Future Leaders : A Talent Development Initiative

HSBC believes in the Award Concept of individual challenge : to give the youth a balanced, non-competitive programme of voluntary activities to encourage the objectives of personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and of service to the community. HSBC India, as a licensed operating partner of IAYP India, is steaming ahead to “Equip for Life” their young employees by introducing the Award Programme in the Technology and Services Centre nation-wide.

The Award Leaders, identified Activity Coaches and Volunteers at the various HSBC Sites will provide the required guidance that will help the participants complete the Award successfully. This Pilot Project is an excellent opportunity to empower young professionals by allowing them to embark on a journey of self-discovery, add international recognition to their Resumes and prevent burn out from a high-paced work environment.

Governance of the Award in HSBC

An Award Leader or a Site SPOC at HSBC will monitor the entire Award Programme for all HSBC participants. Each participant will choose an activity from an already compiled list provided to them for the different sections of Service, Skill and Physical Recreation Service and share it with the Award Leader. The participant then becomes responsible to provide a detailed calendar of activities and goals to a related Activity coach for each chosen activity.

The sections of Adventurous Journey and Residential Project aimed at encouraging teamwork, developing interpersonal skills and broadening a participant’s experience in an unfamiliar environment work a little differently. Participants in teams choose the purpose of an Adventurous journey and/or the nature of a Residential Project with the Award Leader. The teams then finalise the plan, embark on a journey and complete the activity under the supervision of an assigned Assessor. Every participant, after the completion of either the journey or the project is required to write a report and share individual reflections in the Diary.

Participants’ Activity coaches at the site become mentors, assessors and guides of each participant’s progress to complete the Award. They will also review participants’ Diaries, maintained by every participant, in monthly meetings. Activity coaches will sign off the Record Book after the completion of Award requirements of each component.

HSBC with this “Equip for Life” initiative stresses the aim to Cherish Service and Relationship within its socially responsible corporate structure. The employees are indeed the backbone of a company and challenging the young professionals to complete the Award is an impeccable strategy to progress

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