Tuesday 1 September 2009

Role of Volunteers - Workshop ROV 2009

1st September 2009

Role of Volunteers (ROV), New Delhi India, 19-20 September 2009
Theme: Youth as a Volunteer
Format: Workshop

Building on the core competency and capacity building in India, the focus will be on:

Ø Train the volunteers as award volunteers
Ø Offer a snapshot of the Award programme
Ø Respond to the need for a Volunteer Management Policy

ROV will carry forward youth engaging in society, and work on ways to deliver the Programme for the 18-25 age groups

1. Format & Key Topics
The ROV will incorporate group work, case studies, presentations and subject matter experts on how to best engage and add value to the sections of the Award Programme.

2. Outcomes: Confidence and clarity on the Role of a Volunteer
To demonstrate the Award’s usefulness to society and drive development, Participants will interact with Trainers and volunteers.

3. The Trainers
The trainers for ROV trainers will be from the National Office and the Volunteers.

4. The Participants
The participants sought for ROV 2009 must be Volunteers. We are seeking participants with a demonstrated interest and/or involvement in extending the Award into the wider community to meet a higher need.

5. The Venue
ROV 2009 Training Venue
Sri Aurobindo SocietyAdchini Crossing, On Qutab RoadNew Delhi 110017

The centre is equipped with the necessary equipment, landscaped outdoor facilities, an AV and training centre.

6. The Costs
All costs will be covered by the National Award Office; from noon Saturday 19th September 2009 to evening Sunday 20th September 2009.

A registration fee of Rs. 100/- per delegate applies to all without any exemptions.
The Fee has to accompany the FORM, please remit to “IAYP India” at New Delhi

7. The Programme

Saturday 19th October3.00 PM to 5.30 PM  Welcome Briefing & Evening Tea
Sunday 20th October Session ,Lunch & Closing Session

Registration Forms – by 13 September 2009
Completed registration forms for all participants should please be returned to the National Office by 13th September 2009. Formal invitations will be provided upon receipt of completed registration forms with participant names.

Apply to:
PHONE: +91 11 6466 2720 FAX : +91 11 2649 7165
EMAIL: help@iayp.in
WEB: www.iayp.in
BLOG: www.brewingknowledge.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/iayp.in

ASK for FORM by EMAIL please.

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