Thursday 17 September 2009

The Award Weekly

Hi Folks !!!!

We are fun ,we are alive, we are young and kicking out there.

I salute, all those lovely people who make IAYP what it is and what it represents for.
Being the newest member of this top class organization I’m more than
awed by it , I’m completely overwhelmed by this whole new field which has opened out in front of my eyes.
Therefore I write this, my 1st editorial, to pump up that spirit in you, Yesss u cannn do it, achieve whatever u want and desire!! The world is your playground my friends.. And there is no competition whatsoever.

This newsletter has been started fundamentally to air views, exchange information and communicate between individual leaders and participants from all zones. We will make this a weekly affair to update you readers with the latest news regarding the activities taken up by the programme and the challenges encountered by those facing it.

Please share pictures, news, caricatures, updates and even gossip of whatever it is that you have been doing. Send inputs about all your exciting expeditions and workshops as we have much to learn from each other.

I look forward to all your letters and comments. Mail in your inputs to

Saluting the spirit of IAYP…

Signing offfffff…..

Karisma Rawat

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