Thursday 1 August 2019

The Stride to Keep Indian Heritage Alive

The Award participants of Bawa Lalvani visited the Moorish Mosque and the State Gurudwara in Kapurthala as part of the Service section of the Award Programme. This project helped them strengthen their knowledge of two important cultural sites whilst making them more aware and committed young adults.
The vastness and vibrancy of the Indian heritage sites is unparalleled. In view of that, preserving their grandeur is of utmost importance. No matter how far we reach in terms of progress, it is imperative that we keep them alive in our memory and strengthen their hold as an inseparable part of our larger culture.
For a better understanding of the heritage sites and for imbibing values to preserve them, the Award participants of Bawa Lalvani School visited the Moorish Mosque and State Gurudwara in Kapurthala in April 2019 as part of the Service section of the Award Programme. Situated in Kapurthala, the Moorish Mosque was built by Maharaja Jagatjit Singh in 1927 and possesses the unique feature of a tall tower and the absence of external domes. This important site symbolizes social integration. The striking red sandstone building (now painted white) of the State Gurudwara was consecrated in 1915. Having adopted an Indo-Saracenic style, it has vast expanses of marble, enveloped by the feet of the hundreds of devotees.
The participants thoroughly studied the rich architecture and history of these two important sites but more importantly, they were engulfed in the feeling of oneness. They performed the ritual of praying at both the sites and learned the omnipresence of the Almighty. The participants also engaged in service at both the sites by cleaning the area, making it more sanctified. Moreover, to spread awareness on the need for a green environment, they watered the plants and launched a campaign to plant more trees in the vicinity. Activities like these are not merely landmarks in the participants’ journey of personal growth; they are important factors that contribute towards bringing about a change in how they see their environment and the larger world around them.

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