Thursday 1 August 2019

A Merry Journey of Self-Discovery

In yet another significant breakthrough in the adventure trail of Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar 25 Award participants accompanied by three teachers undertook a trekking expedition from 13 to 18 May to Solang Valley as part of the adventurous journey section of the Award Programme. The valley is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and impressive valleys of Himachal Pradesh. The team enthusiastically trekked 42 kilometres to and fro in 4 days including 9 kilometres of snow trekking. They braved extreme weather conditions with the night temperatures at the campsite dipping to -9° Celsius. Even rain and mild hail couldn't dampen the spirit of the participants as they unfurled the school flag at Bakkar Thatch, the starting point of Beas Kund located at an altitude of 3400 metres. In addition to trekking, the participants engaged in rock climbing, rappelling, ziplining and river crossing. They even enjoyed a day of leisure at Manali’s Mall Road.
The entire delegation worked beautifully as a team, motivating and strengthening each other. They returned with deep appreciation for the sheer geographic diversity – from the verdant, forested valleys to the flowered meadows carpeted with wildflowers. From cooking meals together to enjoying the view of myriad snow-capped peaks such as Mt. Hanuman Tibba (5928M), Mt. Friendship (5289M), Mt.Shitidhar (5294M) & Mt. Ladakhi (5342M), the participants seemed to have been bitten by the bug of adventure. However, the most striking aspect of their journey was how they explored the inexhaustible reserves of inner strength which they were unaware that they possessed. But they are raring for a bigger challenge very soon under IAYP Bronze and Silver category. This discovery has emboldened them; preparing them for challenges under the Bronze and Silver Award

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