Wednesday 23 January 2019

The Pre-Eminence of Hands that Serve

The Award participants of Mody School, Lakshmangarh visited Bal Seva Sadan and worked with the school as part of the Residential Project of the Gold Level. Recounting their experience of engaging in a host of activities at the school, these participants redefine the power of lending a hand.

Under the banner of IAYP, the Award participants of Mody School and seven other renowned schools of the country gathered to participate in a five-day Residential Project as a part of their Gold Award Programme. Mody School, Lakshmangarh has adopted a school, “Bal Seva Sadan”, through which it provides free education to underprivileged children of the area. Aligning with its aim to fulfil some material and service requirements of Bal Seva Sadan, Mody School sought to improve the basic infrastructure there for this Residential Project. 19 participants of Mody School aspiring for the Gold Award, 26 participants for the Silver and Bronze Awards along with 60 others from visiting schools, actively participated in this project. They raised substantial funds to meet the expenses of the project.

Ms Nishi Rana, the Principal of Mody School inaugurated the project by planting a sapling, marking a new beginning. In the same spirit, all the participants and teachers also did the same. Following this, the participants, together with the students of Bal Seva Sadan, were divided into 8 groups. The groups cleaned the ground and prepared a cemented path. They even distempered the wall, preparing them for further work. On the second day, a water cooler with RO was installed, the existing tin shed was extended by fixing another one and a learning session comprising dance, poetry, painting and drama was conducted by all the groups for the students of Bal Seva Sadan. The students also began tiling the floor with vitrified tiles.

The third day saw the volunteers painting the walls and marking the sports ground. The groups first sketched on the walls and then painted them with myriad colours. Two groups engaged in marking the badminton court and a grid for stapu. The learning sessions, too, continued with great conviction. On the fourth day, the groups finished the wall paintings and fixed baskets on the walls for practising basketball. The students were provided with sports equipment for playing badminton, basketball, karate and gymnastics.

On the fifth and final day, a counselling session for the students of Bal Seva Sadan was conducted where they were taught the importance of education and the benefits of attending school regularly. The most awaited moment for the participants as well as the younger students was their final performances. The groups performed whatever they had learnt during their sessions and felt elated on being able to perform well. They were given school bags, water bottles and sweatshirts, among other things.

The participants testify that the hands that serve are supreme. They are prime examples of what sensitivity towards the needy means, in the real sense. Click here for more pictures

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