Wednesday 2 January 2019

Stepping Stones in Personality Development

This report has been submitted by Ms Sukhbir Kaur, Award Leader, Bawa Lalvani Public School, Kapurthala, who shares the experience of the Adventurous Journey of 159 participants of the Award Programme from Bawa Lalwani Public School. Ms Kaur had much to narrate on the participants’ visit to Camp Comrade M/s. Rocksport.

In our interconnected and wired world, the youth is increasingly tethered to their digital devices, working constantly to maintain their digital profiles. As ‘social’ as these exercises may seem, they are, in fact, becoming a way to isolate oneself and stunt social interactivity rather than being a tool to enhance it. An adventure camp with a meaningful purpose and a set goal was the finest idea which was planned for the respite of the participants and to bring about a change in their outlook of the world.

The park where the participants camped was built scientifically, with barriers and hurdles for engaging in fitness outdoors. It is a deliberately built ‘obstacle assault course’ designed to test every aspect of one’s senses ranging from balance and grip strength to climbing, running and crawling. Only the tenacious ones could complete the full loop in one go.

Spanned over a period of four days, the participants basked in their new found independence away from home and beyond regular text books. They learnt about tent-pitching and different kinds of camping gears along with learning to tie essential knots. Other activities in which students took part were caving, rock-climbing and rappelling and the participants were made to trek to the locations where these activities were organised. These activities were quite arduous under the scorching sun but they allowed the participants to step outside their comfort zones and challenge themselves. The participants also gained thrilling experiences of different adventurous activities like Burma bridge crossing, bamboo bridge crossing, commando bridge walk, bushcraft, zip-line, jumaring, rope valley crossing, night trekking and camp fire. Every activity tried the strength and flexibility of the participants and taught them to sustain themselves in the toughest conditions whilst improving their endurance levels.

Learning team and individual goal-setting, conflict resolution, and overcoming challenges have led the participants towards improved confidence and self-worth. Some campers have expressed their feelings of a stronger sense of individuality. Hearing each participant exclaim, “Look what I accomplished!” was an achievement in itself. Participants and mentors alike build their self-esteem and self-confidence by challenging their fears and doubts and vanquishing them. At the closing of the camp the participants put up short skits in groups on social issues: an inspirational sight to witness.  Click here for more pictures

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