Wednesday 29 March 2017

Award Leader Reflections on the Award

Biswajit Ghosh, Principal of Rama Krishna Mission Blind Boys’ Academy, Kolkata
The most striking feature of the Award is that it is non-competitive, which infuses a sense of togetherness and selflessness among the youngsters, who generally face competition in every juncture of life. This not only helps the young adults bring out their best but also instills a sense of belonging to the society at large.

Adrija Chatterjee, Gold Award holder, IAYP Youth Representative 
“The Award lets us know ourselves and our latent potentials. It develops a desire in the young Awardee to push one’s own self a bit further to achieve something in life. Most of the girls in our institution have to endure a lot of external challenges and pressures to continue with the Award, but in the end, the achievement really pays for it. And as for myself, I think the Gold Award, or rather the Award Journey itself has been one of the most important achievements in my life.”

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