Wednesday 8 March 2017

Adventurous Journey help gain confidence

Silver level Award participants from Olcott Memorial School, Chennai completed their Adventurous Journey from 27th - 29th January 2017. A brief report on their AJ.

Forty-three, Silver level Award participants assembled at the school campus with great excitement on 27th January 2017 by 5.30 am, looking forward to spending the next three days at Amirthi forest by taking part in trekking and other adventurous activities under their Adventurous Journey section of their Award Programme.

The enthusiastic group of participants left the school for Vellore. On reaching the forest, participants were grouped and allotted accommodation. They were briefed about the Adventurous Journey Section and activities by the mentors. The activities started with participants trekking a few kilometres before commencing the river crossing activity. Every participant participated in this activity with great enthusiasm and vigor. This was followed by a short trek to a nearby village where participants interacted with the villagers and learned about their lifestyle and culture. After dinner, they had a circle time where each of them was asked to share about themselves and showcase their individual talents before going to bed.

The following day began with a physical exercise session. After breakfast, the participants commenced their 7 km long trek up a hill to reach a village. They enjoyed the natural scenic beauty, the flora, and fauna of the place before interacting with the local community to know about their lifestyle.

The third day also began with physical exercise. This inculcated a sort of discipline among the participants. After breakfast, they trekked along the river to climb a small mountain using ropes and enjoyed the rappelling activity. The participants also took part to river crossing activity in the river before trekking back to their campsite.

This Adventurous Journey, away from their home and routines helped the participants to gain confidence, improve their interpersonal skill and personality development. On 29th the group headed back to Chennai with fond memories and with a boost their self-confidence. Click to view pictures

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