Wednesday 16 November 2016

Never Give Up, The Award Taught Me

My name is Kankana Hambir. I am a Gold Award holder of the International Award for Young People. If you ask about my IAYP journey, I would say it was incredible!

This journey made me steady, confident and optimistic towards my life. I observed people from different walks of society, learnt and shared their experiences, which ultimately enriched my life in many ways. Through my internship programme I explored my own potential and efficiency. The Award Programme taught me how to make decisions, guided me to choose between good and bad, and also helped to make good friends whom I can trust with my life. Working as an intern made me more confident and sincere towards my life. Actually it shaped my life. I am truly grateful to this Programme. It changed my life entirely. I have forged so many good memories that I will cherish throughout my life, leaving the negative ones.
During my Silver Award journey my experience with Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission for Blind Boys was extraordinary. In Susunia hills, Bankura, I volunteered with them during the activities of our Adventurous Journey and was surprised to see their special abilities. They were fearless in their tasks, which we could not have done even though we have all the right abilities. This not only astonished me but also motivated me a lot. With all the senses we are often disabled, but they are not. Because seeing makes us more sensible and agile and also nervous but they were fantastic by not seeing anything, just feeling everything. It was a marvellous and unique experience for me and also for my fellow Awardees. In this way I learnt and I am still learning. My learning will continue with me as long as I live. And I believe that would be the ultimate tribute towards the IAYP and that is what I learnt all these years, that “we must never give up on ourselves”.

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