Wednesday 30 November 2016

Chemistry behind the success of Award Programme

Neelam Lohiya, Award Leader and a research scholar from Ansal University, Gurgaon is explaining her Chemical Mantra behind the success of the Award Programme.

When collision between the molecules in a chemical reaction takes place, the kinetic energy is utilized to break the necessary bonds so that new bonds can be formed and a new element is formed.

This new element in life was formed when I joined IAYP. I am Neelam Lohiya, a chemistry teacher. My classroom lectures revolve around periodic tables, formulae and chemical reactions. However, I got this opportunity to explore a new chemistry between me and my students, with IAYP; I got associated with the Award in 2012 as a volunteer and Award Leader.

I received a new approach to look at my students, their hidden potential, my subject and over all teaching methods. I felt very strongly that real learning takes place outside the classroom when students are exposed to face challenges and work in teams. While books provide them theory to read, being with them on IAYP trips, excursions, nature walk or volunteering work, allowed me to test their problem solving, team building, critical thinking, communication and listening skills as part of their experiential learning.

The confused, doubtful faces of the younger lot in my classes suddenly looked happy, joyful and exploratory when going on Adventure trips or engaged in the Service section. Whereas earlier they were not ready to absorb the lessons, now they started practicing a skill regularly and I found they were better involved in classroom lectures. In fact, besides my passion for the subject, I also got connected with my interest in craft, environment friendly campaigns, food adulteration projects and first aid services. I found this programme leading to a holistic development of the youth because those who were glued to their books, when they started spending time in the gym, and playing in the grounds for one hour per week as part of their physical recreation, found another world of happiness, meaning to their life and their approach towards learning itself changed.

To me, IAYP in short means Youth Empowerment and Nation Building. Because this is how the success chemistry of IAYP works:

Service+ Skills+ Adventurous Journey+ Physical Recreation+ Residential Project=IAYP
IAYP+ Youth+ Experiential Learning=Success
Success=Nation Building

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