Thursday 14 January 2016

This is what they have to say....

Ninety-eight Award participants (32 Silver and 66 Bronze) from The Sanskar Valley School, Bhopal completed their Adventurous Journey from 16th - 22nd October 2015 at Rishikesh Neelkanth area.  Let's hear from the participants after their journey.

Devak Namdhari, a Silver level participant says, "Spartans! What is your profession -- HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!" Teenagers shouting this at the top of their voices identified our group. Almost a hundred students participated in this adventure trip, and each one went home with more than a thousand memories. We laughed, we danced, we planned, we conquered our fears and we had fun. From bonfires in the night, to swimming in the bone-chilling waters of the Ganges, this was a true adventure trip. Kayaking, Natural rock-climbing, Rappelling, Paintball, White water rafting and Trekking -- we saw it all, and we did it all. Quite a lot of us faced our fears and we learnt how to overcome them. We learnt more than a dozen life-skills, without even realising it. Most of us who are busy with our urban lifestyles, often forget to appreciate nature but we never expected our technology-addicted selves to switch off our cell phones and admire the serenity of the water, the prosperity of the forests. This well-planned and action-packed trip to Rishikesh and Shivpuri shall always be in our hearts as a memory that we'll forever cherish.

Sakshi Pradyumn, another Silver level participant said - "What you see is what you believe. And what you experience is what you remember.' And this IAYP trip was in no contrast to this statement. It had all the elements of adventure one can think of from fun to fear. Not only did the scenic panorama of the Shivaliks thrill me, but also the alternate shallow rapids and calm waters of Ganga made me wonder. The trip taught me to adapt, to support, to take responsibilities, to adhere to rules, to take challenges, to respect Nature, and most of all to believe. Whenever the feeling, 'Oh my God! Could this adventure be done!' arose in my mind, I believed in my true self and here I am writing this review. Late night strides, curfew timings, enough dumb-charades at the campsite, were some of the experiences that were joyful. Long trekking, rock climbing, river landing, paintball fighting were the adventurous (rather really adventurous) things I did. The trip was well managed and the food was really good (as I am a foody). To sum up, this IAYP trip was the epitome of adventure and joy. Surely, I look forward to many more like it.

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