Tuesday 7 October 2014

Why I employed an Award holder

We do say the Award makes you better prepared for the world outside especially when it comes to employment opportunities, on this not we get an employer’s perspective from Mohamed Rahiman, CEO of Quantum Training Centre, Kulaijaya, Malaysia.

Mohamed Rahiman says the Award “is the right platform from which to recruit future leaders.”
“As an employer and an ex-government employee in the areas of talent retention and skill enhancement, I see many areas which tertiary institutions, vocational schools and school leavers can and need to address to improve young people’s employability.

Closing the gap between school and work

“Our task is to prepare these young and eager people so that they are more employable and take a life-long approach to learning). They should never stop pursuing new knowledge or testing the uncharted boundaries of the world for their personal advancement and for the betterment of the human race.

“We need to close all the gaps between school and working life. We must make them attractive enough so that people recruit them more for their attitude and see them less as a liability to be trained – too costly and a time consuming responsibility for the employer.

Embedding employable skills

“One of the main ways in which we can help them is to systematise the direct involvement of these young people in activities and interaction outside the comfort of their routine life.

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award ensures that the key elements of employability are embedded into them at an early stage of their life. As they complete their Award activities they develop employable skills in areas such as: communication, cultural sensitivity, leadership and creative qualities and many more positive attributes.

Confidence in uncharted territory

“They also learn about giving back to society, living a life outside their comfort zone, and they have inculcated in them the intrinsic value of life-long learning. One of the most important skills I have encountered when dealing with Award holders is that they are more confident in venturing into any uncharted territory where new environments, challenges or people are abundant and the norm. At least they are willing to endeavour with an excellent attitude of positive vibes.

“One of the best descriptions I can give to other employers about the Award is to share with them its content: it entails participants venturing outside their comfort zone with a positive attitude while they complete various tasks in a constantly new and challenging environment. If anyone wants an energetic young recruit armed with a vibrant attitude to any working environment, this is the right platform from which to recruit future leaders.”

Since employing a Gold Award holder, Ravichandran Balasubramaniam, Mohamed has been appointed to the Award in Malaysia’s advisory board. He also heads up their National Training Panel.

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