Tuesday 7 October 2014

Into the lap of serenity

Pangot is a picturesque hill station located about 13 km from Nainital in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand in the lake district of India. The pleasant climate, scenic landscape and laidback charm of Pangot make it an ideal place for tourists. The drive to Pangot passes through the forest area of Cheena Peak Range via Snow View Point and Kilbury, which provide perfect platform for bird watching.

Our journey started from our college- Ansal University, Gurgaon, we all were asked to be present there at 7:30 pm so that our coordinators could help us by briefing about the trip. We were then introduced to the teachers Mrs. Pratibha ma’am and Mr Gulia sir who were going to accompany us on the trip. 

We were first given the basic introduction to first aid and following that the teachers and our coordinators briefed us about Pangot and its surroundings. After that all our seniors who have already been on an IAYP trip shared their experiences with us. As we did not know everybody going on the trip we were asked to briefly introduce ourselves to others.

We all were very excited as it was our first trip from the college and the cooperative seniors made us feel comfortable as they treated all of us as their equal. Throughout the journey we played games such as dumb-charades which was great fun, the journey also helped me update my latest music knowledge as we couldn’t stop singing. 

Twelve at night there was buzz in the bus as it was one of our senior’s birthday, before the trip that senior was just an acquaintance but now we are best of buddies. The game and chatting unknowingly made us tired and sleep became the easiest thing to get. We all woke up to the freezing cold weather of Kalkodaam from where were to hop onto taxis that would take us to Pangot. Even in the shivering weather the sight of snow patches pm the road side was so pleasing to the eyes.

The name of our camp was Shiva Den Camp where we were briefed by Maddy sid and Naresh sir who were our instructors at the camp. To my surprise I was actually enjoying the food at the camp or may be tit was just the excitement overpowering my tastebuds. Frankly the beauty around our camp site was mesmerizing.

As the day went on the instructors mixed matched all of us to divide us into two teams. Most of the members in my team were just faces studying in my college but with good team spirit and involvement in the activities that was coming our way transformed us into great bunch of friends.

Soon we were into our rappelling gears which were tested and approved by our instructors, while the other team was involved with Jumaring. Thanks to the cheers and motivation coming from my team mated I managed to finish my activity. Then it was our turn to do jumaring. It was a technique oriented task although it looked very difficult but it became simple after we mastered the technique. 

Soon we were back to our camps for our lunch and bit of rest to overcome the fatigue of morning activities. After our evening tea at the bonfire, Maddy sir informed us of a voluntary activity of night walk. Even though it was a voluntary activity everyone was happy to do this activity. Every tiring step of the walk soon turned fruitful when we reached a spot which was heaven for star watching. Never in my life could I have seen so many stars in Delhi sky. While returning to the camp all I could think of was the sight I had just witnessed.
On day two sticking to the same team we had to go for trekking. But there was a twist in the activity, the twist being one team was to leave the camp 15-20 minutes later than the first team. The second team had to follow the diections that would be left by the first team, while the first team would reach the end point early and start with cooking and the second team would be helping them once they arrived. To balance out the tasks, we being the second team we also had to prepare various directions signs to be used by first team.

Once we reached our trekking destination the tea was already prepared for us by the Team 1. After that we had to put the food to be cooked on fire, while the cooking was on Maddy sir taught us how are tents put up and different types of rope knots. It was just an amazing feeling living within the endless boundary of nature.

After returning to the camp ite we had our dinner while enjoying some music and heat from the bonfire. Soon our seniors were on an open-jeep for a session of night safari while were converted the dining hall into a dancing floor. When seniors were back, we went for the safari. After coming back we all were tired but didn’t want to sleep because we knew it was our last night in the camp. On that day we slept around 03:30 am and till then we were sitting near bonfire area and chatted the whole night.

Next day we got up by 8a.m. and had our breakfasts and changed and packed our bags as we had to leave our camps and we were going for some shopping in Nanital.

Next morning we left our camps & boarded taxis and left for Nainital. There we visited the zoo first which had animals like tiger, leopard, birds, deer etc and later we went for boating to reach mall road. We also did some shopping in the streets of Nainital. Before we knew we were on our bus back to the bustling city of New Delhi while saying good bye to all the calmness I had been living in past three days. 

I couldn’t but I wanted to thank and hug each and everybody for making this trip so memorable for me. I made new friends and the bond between the friends that I already had just grew stronger.

Now I have so many memories from Pangot and those memories put a smile on my face. I wish we have many more IAYP Adventurous Journey.   

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