Friday 23 June 2023

The Award In Action—Bawa Lalvani Public School, Kapurthala

Report by Dr. Ekta Dhawan, Principal, Bawa Lalvani Public School, Kapurthala.

Bawa Lalvani Public School, Kapurthala exclusively designed a Three-day Adventure Journey for 80 Award Participants as part of The International Award for Young People (IAYP Programme). The AJ was organized by Adventure Sports Company, Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh which aimed to offer young people a unique opportunity to engage in thrilling adventure activities, learn new skills, foster teamwork, and create lasting memories. Award Participants actively participated in various activities over the course of three days, building resilience, self-confidence, and an appreciation for nature. 

Day 1: The first day commenced with the participants’s arrival at the picturesque campsite. They were warmly greeted by the camp instructors and immediately engaged in an orientation session, emphasizing safety guidelines and the importance of teamwork. Following the orientation, young people were divided into groups and initiated their first adventure activity - river crossing. Utilizing ropes, pulleys, and harnesses, participants navigated the challenging river terrain, showcasing their collaborative spirit and determination. 

After a nutritious lunch, they immersed themselves in a series of team-building activities. Through trust exercises, obstacle courses, and relay races, they developed effective communication skills, built trust amongst one another, and honed their problem-solving abilities. The day concluded with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the adventures yet to come. 

Day 2: The second day commenced with a rejuvenating yoga session, fostering a calm and focused mindset among the participants. Energized and ready for new challenges, they embarked on a memorable trekking experience through a picturesque forest trail. Amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature, they encountered various flora and fauna, heightening their appreciation for the environment and instilling a sense of responsibility towards its preservation. 

After lunch, Award Participants were introduced to the exhilarating activities of rock climbing and rappelling. Ascending the rock wall and descending with confidence using ropes and harnesses, they faced their fears and experienced the thrill of conquering new heights. The instructors provided guidance and support, encouraging the participants to push their limits and discover their inner strength. As the day transitioned into the evening, a bonfire was organized, creating an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie. Participants engaged in soulful singing and energetic dancing around the fire, fostering bonds and creating cherished memories. 

Day 3: The final day commenced with invigorating morning exercises, setting a positive tone for the day. Following the exercise session, young people embarked on a visit to a temple situated at a high altitude. The awe-inspiring panoramic views and serene surroundings left an indelible mark on their hearts, reminding them of the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Returning from the temple visit, young people actively participated in camping activities, including pitching tents, building fires, and cooking meals. These tasks not only imparted essential survival skills but also fostered teamwork and self-reliance. Additionally, they also undertook a tree plantation activity, promoting environmental awareness and sustainability within the local community. 

As the adventure camp drew to a close, young people of BLPS packed their bags with bittersweet emotions, bidding farewell to the campsite and reflecting on the transformative Adventurous Journey they had experienced. This journey not only provided thrilling adventures but also served as a catalyst for personal growth and self-realization. Award Participants returned to their daily lives with a newfound perspective, equipped with enhanced resilience, improved problem-solving skills, and a deep sense of responsibility towards society and the environment. This adventure journey proved to be an incredible opportunity for the students of Bawa Lalvani Public School. Through immersive adventure activities, team-building exercises, and an appreciation for nature, the students developed crucial learnings for life! 

Thank you IAYP!


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