Friday 7 April 2023

The Award in Action- VIBGYOR High, NIBM, PUNE

 Adventure Journey for Silver level Award participants from VIBGYOR High, NIBM, PUNE.

Award participants from VIBGYOR High went to Monteria village for their Adventurous Journey as a part of their programme for silver level of The Award Programme from 9th to 11th March, 2023. This journey helped us to get engaged in challenging activities in a new environment with the chance to learn about team work and leadership. We had training sessions on things like how to tie different kinds of knots that would be useful when trekking, first aid essentials, etc. We also had multiple activities like exploring the nearby village and learning how things are done there and cooking in woods with what supplies we had packed or found in the woods. It allowed the entire group to learn how to work as a team and how to handle every important aspect of undertaking adventure trips.
We attended a 3-day Adventure trip in which our main objective was to trek to and explore Kondana caves. It was a 30-45 min drive to the base of the caves from our living quarters. Caves have many stupas which were excavated in the first century BC. The beautiful wooden pattern and the prayer hall along with other structures are still intact. We saw beautiful carvings on the walls of the caves and inscription in the prayer hall.
This Adventurous Journey developed our self-confidence and fitness levels. Under the supervision of the IAYP team, the Adventurous Journey was a learning experience along with fun, within a safe and secure setting.

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