Friday 10 February 2023

The Award in Action- Bawa Lalvani Public School, Kapurthala

 Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!

The Adventure Expedition of The International Award for Young People had a profound impact on the students of Bawa Lalvani Public School who took part in it. The three-day journey was filled with physical and mental challenges, which helped the students to overcome their fears and develop a sense of adventure. The first day saw the students engaged in myriad activities like camping, go-kart racing, hanging & maneuvering, climb & jump and wheelbarrow traverse. The day commenced with some fun team building activities which were then followed by other more thrilling activities. Initially, fear and anxiety had gripped them and they were paid back in wounds and bruises for their physical labour. But eventually, they did overcome the challenges and accomplish the tasks. The second day of the journey unfolded with knee-top negotiation, crawl negotiation, pull-ups, sword assault and tree climbing. Being able to complete this too, the hearts of youngsters were filled with the exhilaration of victory. The day and the journey both concluded with a tree plantation activity. The joy of persistent attempts leading to accomplishments had been overwhelming for them in this journey. While the pupils were doing their tasks, the grips of many of them loosened. A lot of them tripped and fell too. But what kept them going was the will to finish what they had begun. In activities like climbing, hurdle races with vaulting horses and wheel drag, the students could feel surges of adrenaline in their bodies that filled them with a sense of adventure. These tasks not only aided them in overcoming their fears but also in discovering parts of themselves that they never knew had existed before. Detaching themselves from books and gadgets that had always been a strenuous task seemed accomplishable in the journey. However, one of the most enlightening aspects of the journey had been the tree plantation activity that the students undertook as a mechanism to create awareness among the locals about the environment. When they look back at the time that they spent at the camp, they feel elated. This journey has been one of the most enthralling experiences of their lives, offering them countless opportunities of newfound sense of self-realisation. They've started looking at obstacles and hurdles as stepping stones. In this way, the students have not only learnt but grown too, both individually and collectively. The moments that they spent with themselves and with each other in the journey during the team lunch and the life skills that they imbibed with every passing moment will forever remain etched in their memories.

The International Award for Young People has played an important role in making our students understand their responsibility towards society.

Thank you IAYP!

- by Dr. Ekta Dhawan
Bawa Lalvani Public School,

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