Saturday 21 January 2023

The Award in Action- Bronze Award Participants from HAL New Public School, Bangalore

 "A clean person is not the one who runs away from the dirt but one who takes the time and effort to tidy-up a dirty environment"

The Bronze Award Participants of HAL New Public School, Bangalore conducted a Cleanliness Drive on 15.12.2022, at the HAL Vathsalya School for Special Education, Bangalore.

52 Award participants along with Award Leaders participated in the same. The objective of this drive was not just to clean but to share the feeling of happiness living in that environment. By cleaning the majority of ground covered with weeds, foliage and fungus, the students transformed it into a beautiful play area within a short span of time.

ARTIVITY DRIVE- “Art that is larger than Life

Our students had a large display of more than 200 handprints of different colours imprinted on beautiful paper canvas. The need for the day is to be able to include differently abled children into our society and interacting with them is just one step closer to the idea.

The International Award for Young People participants had a euphoric moment of realization, with an amazing zest of emotional thread, intertwined while interacting with the students of HAL Vatsalya School for Special Education. They were radiating with enigmatic smiles, as they were seated beside each other in ripples of pragmatic aura. Our students had taken their time and efforts to pin their feelings down on a beautiful handmade card. They ended their interaction by sharing various lines of gratitude and deep insights of life lessons.

Above all they felt deeply indebted to the huge canopy of The International Award for Young People and their award leaders, who had extended their support and
contributed towards the successful completion of this milepost.

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