Friday 7 October 2022

Award in Action: Sanjna Vivek: CS Academy of Coimbatore

Sanjna Vivek completed the Bronze level of the Award in her final year at CS Academy of Coimbatore. She is currently a second-year undergraduate at Ashoka University in India.

The Award was introduced in my school when I was studying for my Cambridge International A Levels. Although this was a time when I was under academic pressure, I decided to take part. I was keen not to lose sight of the benefits of extra-curricular activities as I knew these would enhance my personal development. At the same time, the Award would give me an opportunity to try new and exciting things.

I took part in a number of unforgettable activities for the Award. For example, for my voluntary service, I initiated a clean-up campaign among primary school children in a local school in Rajapalayam, India. It was a heartwarming experience to interact with young children, both in the local language (Tamil) and in English. The children drew posters about the correct way to recycle, save electricity and so on, and we put them up around the town. At the end of one of our sessions, the class collectively surprised me by tidying the entire classroom to show that they had learned the importance of cleaning up. It was very touching!

Participating in the Award really helped me experience an ideal education, holistic and well-rounded. I also think that my academic performance was boosted thanks to the skills I gained from the Award, such as the need for consistency and repeated practice. In addition, when I applied to university, the Bronze Award looked great on my CV as it summarised my experience of many different fields, and showcased my ability as a multi-skilled and versatile student.

I would definitely recommend participation in the Award. You have the freedom to choose from a range of activities, and experience. I would definitely recommend participation in the Award.

It can also be really good fun and, if you make the most of it, you will develop skills that last a lifetime and find out where your passions lie.

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