Wednesday 12 July 2017

Adventure Trek in Coorg

Award participants from Sarala Birla Academy, Bangalore took part in the Adventure Trek in Coorg area from 22nd to 25th June 2017. A report by K S Biradar (Award Leader).

A group of forty-six Award participants along with three mentors departed from Sarala Birla Academy in two buses for Kudraimukh on an early morning. With our high spirit and enthusiasm, we travelled for 8 long hours witnessing beautiful scenery and lush green areas, before reaching our destination at 3:30 PM. We explored the place and its flora and fauna.

Next morning after daily routine activities the group boarded their buses to take us to our trekking destination. It took an hour to reach our destination and begin our trek.

The weather was chilly and it was also drizzling. We walked on the tar road in the cool weather for 3 km and then we reached a spot where we started to enter the muddy rocky pathway, with one guide at the front and the other at the back and our teachers interspersing the students in the line. Before we started the trek instructions were given to us about the leeches and the precautions to be taken in a forest like taking care of slippery rocks and steep cliffs, etc.

As we walked we went deep into the lush green forest where the sunlight got thinner. It was a challenging trek with many big slippery and loose rocks to climb over, but at last, we reached an old fort after a tiring trek and realised that it was absolutely worth it. In the afternoon, we continued our trek to one of Karnataka’s highest peaks. It was one of the toughest treks we had ever witnessed and after completing it we felt very proud and were mesmerised by the view there. It seemed as if the clouds were all around us with tiny water droplets spraying our face.

We began our descent in the evening and finally boarded our buses and safely reached Nammamane ("my house"), where we were staying. As it was our last day we built a campfire with music around it and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves over there.

Next morning, we boarded the bus by 10:30 am for our return journey back to school. Overall this IAYP trek was very enriching and filled with a lot of learning aspects for the young participants. This has given us a lot of memories and also taught us a number of wonderful things.

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