Wednesday 26 April 2017

A Great Learning Experience

A Report on Adventurous Journey by Sasikrishnan, IAYP Coordinator

Sanjay Ghodawat International School, Kolhapur aspires to nurture each child as a well-rounded personality. The school lays equal emphasis on outdoor activities like field trips, trekking, bird watching, nature walks and adventure camps. These outdoor activities are organised at regular intervals to provide experiential learning to students. As part of the IAYP programme the participants enthusiastically took part in different Adventurous Journey related activities.

An Adventurous Journey Preliminary Training and Practice Journey Camp was organised to provide a great learning experience for the participants. The practice journey was planned for two days and one night. The students were accompanied by six teaching staff and four attendees. The journey was led by the school’s physical education HOD I. Y. Kenchennavar.

Afer the successful completion of the Practice Journey, the Qualifying Adventurous Journey was planned for 12th and 13th November, 2016. As the day of the journey approached the participants were very excited. The venue was the Reserve Forest near Ramling Temple, which is around 12 km away from the school. The place is an idyllic spot surrounded by lush greenery and perfect for an adventurous journey. The team carried all necessary items like rice, vegetables, flour, spices, utensils, lights, etc.

After reaching the venue in the morning, the group cleaned the area and pitched five tents. The participants showed aesthetic sense by decorating the tents with flowers and green leaves. The participants were divided into three groups Zinghat, The Squad and Bampatjal. Different activities like rope exercise, SOS and other team building activities were performed during the day. Later the students brought firewood. At night all the students lit the camp fire. The students played games, sang songs, narrated stories and danced around the fire. At 10 PM students had dinner and rested for the day.

The next day, the participants woke up at 5 AM and went on a trek. During the trek, the participants were involved in many activities like bird watching, collecting rare plants, peacock feather collection, etc. They returned to the tent at 10 AM. After breakfast, many team building games were organised like a treasure hunt, essay writing, drawings, etc.

This Adventurous Journey was a great learning experience for participants. The participants learnt teamwork, independent thinking, creativity, and dignity of labour and most importantly, to face the tough life. Click for more pictures

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