Wednesday 15 February 2017

The Award programme underscores the social component of education

IAYP organised a two-day National Training Workshop (NTW) on 9th - 10th February 2017 at the Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, Kolapakkam, Chennai. Eighteen participants from Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, Kolapakkam, Chennai; Canadian International School, Bangalore; and Olcott Memorial School, Chennai attended the workshop.

During the workshop, Dr S Bhavanishankar, Senior Principal, Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, Chennai spoke about how the Award helps young people discover themselves and unleash their potential. "The best part of the Award Programme is that the participants get exposure to essential skills and they also understand the social component of education. The International Award for Young People focuses strongly on the social element, which I feel is essential for a young person to become a citizen with the empathy needed to show towards his fellows and to the community. This also affords senior students the opportunity to explore who they are as emerging adolescents, and try to understand what their capabilities are, what their specific avocation and their interests are. It also raises levels of awareness, teaches them how to engage productively and with a mode of consciousness in taking risks. Effectively, it’s a programme that offers all-round development of a young person.

This workshop underscored the importance of this Leading Youth Programme for the development of youth, channelising their energy, shaping their personality and building their character by engaging them through different sections of the Award and preparing them for a bright future. Click here for pictures...

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