Wednesday 4 January 2017

Let's Make a Difference

Bronze participants of EuroSchool, Airoli visited the Old Age Home as a part of their Service. Sonia Cardoza, Award Leader, shares their experience with us.

The Bronze level participants of EuroSchool, Airoli decided to work at the old age home, Prem Dhan in Airoli, for their Service Section of the Award.
First, they started with a small meeting to plan the events for the people at the old age home. Next, they decided to plan a few games and activities to celebrate the festival of Christmas there. They prepared cards, gathered decoration items and also collected a few gifts that they could give as a token of their appreciation and love to the old people at the home.
On 19th December 2016 the students spent their afternoon with the residents of the Old Age Home. They sang carols, old Hindi songs and played tambola. Everybody enjoyed their time at the Old Age Home. The participants got a first-hand experience of the living conditions of the old people, many of whom have been disowned by their own children. The attitude of these people is truly inspiring, for they have no hard feelings or any anger towards their children. The participants were deeply moved and it helped them realize the true worth of their own parents.
Shravya Kaunongo gave her testimony: “I feel I am blessed after getting to know about the living condition of the people in Prem Dhan. I feel that God has been very gracious towards me. I have an entire room for myself, but here a single room is shared by over 15-20 people. I have more amenities than I could possibly require. They only have means to fulfil their basic needs. One bed and a shelf is all they have.”
The happiness of the old people was reflected in their eyes and gestures. The participants stayed on to help the staff during lunch time. All the participants left the place with a promise to meet their new friends regularly.

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