Wednesday 7 September 2016

Cultural Heritage Class and Award Ceremony

Sri Sarada Math, Rasik Bhita organised a Cultural Heritage Class on 4th September 2016. Seventy-two Bronze awardees from different units participated in this class. This Cultural Heritage class concluded with an Award ceremony where all the Award participants received their Bronze awards. These Award holders, part of the “Gender Diversity & Empowerment Project" of the IAYP, started their Bronze Award Journey in July 2015 and successfully completed their Award Journey in December 2015. The list of Awardees includes fifty-six participants from Rasik Bhita, nine awardees from Baladbandh Village, three awardees from Kumrogori Village and four awardees from Dum Dum.

These participants opted for different activities in the various sections of the Award. Under the Skills section, they chose activities such as Book reading, Spoken English learning, Jewellery Making, and Stitching. Some of them have now made these skills their Life skills and are now generating revenue by selling handmade goods and handmade jewellery. For their Physical Recreation, they all attended the Yoga Classes. Yoga has become an integral part of their daily routine now.

The awardees of Baladbandh and Kumrogori villages created a positive impact on their society by providing their wonderful Community Services. They went to rural villages to teach adults as well as young children. Most of the women in theses villages can write and sign their names now. It is a credit to these awardees that the numbers of these learners is increasing day by day in these villages.

For the Adventurous Journey, these Awardees went to Bishindha Hills at Bankura and Matha Hills at Purulia. They were taught how to live in a tent, climbing and cooking. They performed various activities like Burma Bridge Crossing, Rappelling, Rope Walking etc. Overall, it was great experiential learning for all of them -- something that they had never done or experienced before. 

All the awardees have now registered and started their work for the Silver Level of the Award with an aim to develop themselves day by day. They are not just improving themselves but helping their surroundings to improve more.

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