Wednesday 3 June 2015

Experience of IAYP...

Shivani Verma, from Jodhamal Public School, Jammu shares her Silver Journey experience with the Award family.
Since childhood I have been interested in painting and it was thanks to the IAYP that I had a platform to display my talent which was widely appreciated by my teachers. I have always been a shy person but participating in the IAYP programme helped me overcome my shyness and also prove my worth as a good artist. IAYP activities helped me hone all spheres of my personality from my speaking skills to confidence level.  So, I am really thankful for this great opportunity through which I discovered my true potential as a person as well as an artist.
Even the adventure camps opened new horizons for me because of which I came closer to nature, capturing through my paintings, the beauty that I saw around me. I hope you appreciate my paintings and feelings behind it.  And the credit obviously goes to IAYP. IAYP taught me to "Dream big and be realistic because the sky has no limit".

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