Wednesday 8 April 2015

My IAYP Experience

Sarthak Mehta, Bronze Award Holder from DLF Public School, Sahibabad is sharing his Award experience. 

It was just another day in my school when I heard about the 'International Award for Young People' from my health education teacher. IAYP came as an opportunity for me to excel in co-curricular fields besides academics. I gladly accepted the  challenge! I realize now that it helped me discover the latent talents that I had. I have always been a good student, rigorous studies excite me. But after participating in IAYP, not only was I studying, I was playing lawn tennis, I was helping in organizing our school library, exploring Robotics and going on adventures! I was almost a different person, exploring a number of different activities and enjoying them too! My teachers supported me fully and the result was that I completed all my tasks on time. The impacts of IAYP are many and varied in my life. First, I realized that life is multi faceted, so all  its aspects have to be experienced to be a well rounded person. Second, I regained my fitness and stamina that I had lost somewhere in the array of books. I especially felt overwhelmed when our school librarian thanked us for the help we offered to her throughout the school year. I also pursued Robotics which I believe will always be my interest and passion. I would like to recommend IAYP to each and every child because while doing all of this for fun we also get to interact with different people and earn an award for the same! It has been a fun filled journey with IAYP and it will help me with my journey forward in life too! I must say I enjoyed myself tremendously while on my Award journey!

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