Thursday 26 March 2015

The Award programme -- a platform for continuous progress and well-being

Sudershan Kongkham, Gold Participant, Miles Bronson Residential School, Guwahati sharing his experience and achievement in the Physical Recreation section

At MBRS we indulge in various sports like football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, lawn-tennis, swimming, mini-golf, and other indoor games. Karate is an emerging physical activity along with yoga, to help us keep physically and mentally fit.

I started playing basketball and soccer as part of my Physical Recreation for the IAYP. I learnt fast and soon was selected as a part of the school's basketball and soccer team. My team mates and I were always hard at work, practicing together to perfect ourselves at the sports.

I participated in the North East Zone CBSE cluster tournament in 2014. We emerged as champions of the entire zone and got an opportunity to compete at the National level in Gujarat, representing the North East. Though we could not reach the finals, our hard work, perspiration, love and respect for the game rewarded us with the trophy for the "Most Disciplined Team" of the tournament.

I have learnt a lot while participating in these events: I have tasted both defeat and victory. I understand that failures are the pillars of success. So I am optimistic that I will achieve more success in the field of sports and games in the near future and bring glory to our esteemed institution. I am confident that I will be consistent and maintain a positive attitude towards fair-play and hold up the spirit of the games and sports. I am grateful to the Award, which has provided me with a platform to maintain a continuous progress both in the games I play and also in my general well-being. Click for pictures

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