Wednesday 28 January 2015

Visit to Mother Teresa Old Age Home

Himshekhar Konwar, Silver level participant from Miles Bronson Residential School (MBRS), Guwahati, shares his teams' experience when they visited the Mother Teresa Old Age Home.

In this era where many leave their old parents homeless, there are a few angels of God who give these old people another chance at life in the comfort of a home. On 6th July 2014  we, the members of IAYP from MBRS, Guwahati visited the Mother Teresa Old Age Home. One of the members we met there was 105 years old and and lived there happily under the care of the 'angels of God'.  At present there are around 19 old people who are cared for by Ms Manika Sharma and her team.

We spent four hours with the old people, hearing their stories and their life experiences which brought tears to our eyes and made us realize deeply the importance of our parents in our life.

As part of of our entertainment effort, we sang several songs and one of the old grandmas sang to us the song of youth which describes the happy youth phase of life and advises us never to grow up! Then, we had a cake cutting ceremony by our grandma of 105 years, while we feasted on cake and soft drinks.

We left the home, our hearts filled with the simple purity of the old hearts who showered their blessing on us and through this we earned a great respect for them as well as for our parents. The time that we spent there is unforgettable and we will remember it in every phase of our life.  Click for more pictures

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