Tuesday 11 November 2014

Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2014

National Director Kapil Bhalla and Managing Trustee Dr. Sanat Kaul, attended the Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2014 in Seoul, South Korea following the International Gold Event 2014.

During the Regional Conference, John May, Secretary General, The Duke of Edinburgh International Award shared future direction of the Award. A focus of the Award going forward was to create an opportunity for all eligible participants across the world to participate in the Award by 2026, the same year the International Award will celebrate 70 years since its establishment. Keen focus was also put upon breaking the barrier present within the societies in order to make the Award more accessible for young people who are in need, or belong to the marginalized community.

The activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the International Award in 2016 were shared with the delegates. Newly launched International Online Record Book was also a topic of discussion in the conference, where its positive impacts and drawbacks were discussed. 

John May also presented our National Director Kapil Bhalla with the Full License Certificate from The Duke of Edinburgh International Award.       

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