Tuesday 20 May 2014

Ravi's employment story

The Award has taught me what life is all about, transforming me from an
ordinary to an extraordinary person. I am also in no doubt that it helped me to get my first job with the Malaysian Government – the Award has had a major impact in my life.
I first got involved with the Award when I started my Bronze at secondary school, then progressed through Silver and Gold as I went through each level of formal education.
The Award has helped my career in several different ways. It has certainly helped me to develop new skills and personal qualities. For example, taking part in activities such as handball for my Physical Recreation (which I’d never played before), and doing my Adventurous Journey with the Royal Malaysian Police Force in the jungle, has developed my inner motivational and mental strength. Many people observe me and see the changes in me.
Consistent, disciplined, connected
The Award has taught me a lot about being consistent and disciplined at all times – it can help you to achieve excellence. After taking a badminton umpiring course for my Skills section, I won an award for being the youngest badminton umpire to serve in Malaysia. One of the greatest moments of my life was umpiring at a match where Lee Chong Wei, the world number one, was playing.
My Award experience has also helped me to connect with different communities of people. My Residential Project at Kampung Bukit Gemuruh, Terengganu State, took me six hours by bus from home. I stayed and mingled with Malay people which gave me a really worthwhile experience.
My employer was curious
Currently I’m working as assistant Chief Marshall at Quantum Training Centre in Johor, Malaysia. I provide leadership training and teambuilding activities for a wide range of people.
The fact that I had done my Award definitely affected my prospects when I
was interviewed for my current job. My employer was curious to know what the Award was all about. When I explained all the details to him, he was impressed with my involvement – especially the Service section, my contribution to society. I had been volunteering in some community projects in rural areas, and am chair of a young volunteer organisation.
Award holders are more confident in venturing into any uncharted territory where new environment, challenges or people are abundant and the norm. At least they are willing to endeavor with an excellent attitude of positive vibes... If anyone wants an energetic young recruit armed with a vibrant attitude to any working environment, this is the right platform from which to recruit future leaders.” Mohamed Rahiman, CEO of Quantum Training Centre, Kulaijaya, Malaysia, and Ravi’s employer.
The Award's international currency
One of the biggest reasons my employer value my Award qualification was in the branding of the Award itself, which shows that it is international. I was the first Indian from Malaysia to receive the Gold Award. My employer felt proud of me and took me on because he wants me to develop this potential in other staff as well.
He has become so committed and interested in the Award himself that he has got actively involved. The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Malaysia, which runs the Award, has appointed him to the Award’s advisory board. He also heads up the National Training Panel.
Realizing my inner potential
The Award has enabled me to realize my inner potential and start my career. I want to be a successful businessman, and also be a great politician in years to come. My motivation to do the Award was not about employment but to be a better person for my family, society and country. But it's a big bonus when it helps me to get a great job.

Originally published on International Award official website at http://www.intaward.org/award-story/ravis-employment-story 

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