Wednesday 25 December 2013


5th - 8th December 2013

An ASOP Adventure Camp for ASOP participants was organised at Khandala, Lonavala District, Pune, Maharashtra.  The camp was organised by ICNL Kolkata (IAYP Official Service Partner) under the supervision of Bivujit Mukhoty (Programme Manager, IAYP) from 5th to 8th December 2013. There were 35 participants at the camp -- 13 participants from NAZ Foundation (12 girls and 1 boy) and 22 participants from Magic Bus Foundation, Delhi (13 girls and 9 boys). The participants performed various camp activities under the ICNL supervision, such as extreme Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Fixing Rope, Burma Bridge formation & Single Rope Bridge formation, and fixing Tyrolean Traverse for River Crossing. Apart from this the participants also learnt different Team Building Games like Spider Net. The participants ventured to climb different hills of the area, including the famous Kokenkara Hill. Of the 35 participants, 24 completed their Gold level, 4 completed Silver Level and 7 completed Bronze level Adventurous Journey.  The participants enjoyed their last evening with a grand Camp Fire where they participated in dance and music performances. The Award Programme Foundation wishes to thank the instructors from ICNL, Kolkata for their support and training.  Our Special thanks to Ms. Bhagashree, Award Leader, NAZ Foundation who took real care of the Girls during the Camp.   click for pictures

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