Wednesday 16 October 2013


19th MAY 2013 TO 26th MAY 2013
A report by Prabeen Sahu

The Bronze aspirants of The Sagar School, Alwar participated in an Adventurous Journey in the month of May 2013. The 13 participants (11 boys and 2 girls) and two teachers set off for Chandigarh by train on the evening of 19th May, with Sarabjit Singh as their tour guide. Reaching Chandigarh at 6:00 am, they left for Kufri by bus and arrived at the hill station by noon.

The participants received preliminary training regarding safety norms, trekking equipment, first aid, do's & don'ts, route map and navigation by the Adventure partner before starting the trek. The group embarked on the 3-km trek in the afternoon. After that the group participated in adventurous activities including rope bridge crossing.

On the 21st, the group started trekking from the base at 9 am. This was an 8-km trek which took almost the entire day. The trekkers were happy to see the diverse fauna and flora on the picturesque route. In the evening the group participated in an adventurous activity known as artificial valley crossing. They crossed a small valley with the help of ropes and climbing equipment.

The next day, the group started their trek from the base at 9 am. In the morning hours they participated in a major adventure activity - double rope crossing - where participants walked two ropes, with the help of adventure safety equipment. Balancing on two ropes was quite a feat! The same evening, the group visited Shimla and enjoyed themselves in the hill town. After dinner, the participants gathered around a camp fire, and displayed their skills and self confidence in a variety of performances.

On the 23rd, the group started trekking from the base at 8:30 am. In the morning hours they participated in a rappelling activity using adventure equipment. In the evening session there was an outdoor cooking competition where the teams (and instructors) tried cooking their food for the day. They cooked on logs of strewn wood which they gathered.

After a late start for the trek on the 24th morning, the group participated in the bush craft trek - the participants trekked through the bushes with all of them tied up with a single rope. This fun adventure activity helped in team building and leadership. In the evening session the participants learnt camp craft and rope courses (learning camping logistics) where they learnt about adventure and camping equipment, tents and camping logistics and survival techniques.

On the last day of the trip, the group set off for Chandigarh by bus. Here they visited the famous rock garden which is crafted with waste material. Finally, they boarded the train for Alwar station, tired, happy and with wonderful memories.  click for pictures

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