Wednesday 18 September 2013


Our Intern, Anwesha Ghosh talks about her award journey...

Back in 2005, when I was first introduced to the Award Programme, I was told 'It's a marathon not a sprint.' Little did I know the meaning of these words then. Looking back at all those years now, I fall short of words to narrate my Award Journey.
Starting out, I was told in detail about the purpose of the Award program. During my first camp to a place called Talsari, my camp instructor kept on saying ''this isn't a competition, you don't have to beat anyone.'' To me everything was a 'competition'. I was made that way; I had to come first everywhere or at least try. So these words were irrelevant. As the years passed by, the more I became involved with 'Award work', the more I realized that there was competition, immense competition but only with my own self. The Award journey is a marathon- a marathon of self-development.

The Award was always a learning platform. It gave me a scope to take up many different activities while I was completing my Award levels. After achieving the Gold, my horizon widened. Now I get an opportunity to interact with Award participants from across the globe, participate in training programs, and mentor awardees during their camps. It feels amazing when I am called to represent NAA, India for foreign conferences or conduct the Annual Gold Award Ceremony. 

Over the past eight years, the Award has given me hands-on experience, taught me how to interact with people and deal with situations. But most of all, it taught me to be humble. A little amount of opportunity given to a person can help him realize his own worth, can help him beat the odds and emerge as a champion. Time and again, I have seen live examples of this phenomenon.

Any amount of gratitude extended towards the Award is too little. It has helped young people see and achieve their full potential. The Award has made me what I am today- a confident young person. I am proud to be a part of it.

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