Wednesday 24 July 2013


The journey of IAYP in G.I.C. Matiyali (Garhwal, Uttrakhand) is a truly unforgettable experience which I will always cherish very fondly indeed. This exciting experience started when I was introduced to Skand Bali (Head, National Training Panel), with whom I had a dialogue on the IAYP. The journey of IAYP in a Government School - particularly one in the hills - was tough but I was ready to walk the path. With some determined efforts and with the help of Anand Mandhian (Award Leader, Doon School, Dehra Dun) I managed the IAYP training of our students at Kotdwar, where Mr. Bali and Mr. Mandhian motivated our students, telling them that by opting for the IAYP Programme they were going to create a page in the history of Uttarakhand Govt. Schools.

The words uttered by Mr. Bali at the training inspired my students and they felt that by opting for IAYP they would achieve something extraordinary ... just a little extra... In the month of February 2012 our students started the Bronze Level, with four sections. Initially, they were slightly hesitant, but J.C. Bameta, R.S. Tomar, Ramesh Kukreti, K.K. Joshi, B.B. Binjola (all teachers in school) helped them to prepare for different sections of the Programme.  K.S. Bisht encouraged them to learn Art, Mr. Bameta helped them to learn music & R.S. Tomar motivated the students to take active part in Sports. For the Skill section they developed Saura Painting and skills of music. Ramesh Kukreti helped them to give useful Service in the school and the community.The service was not confined to school - the students also helped in Polio Booths, cleanliness of the local market, teaching the junior classes, cleaning the classrooms, planting trees and in this way they were learning the finer values of life. 

In Physical Recreation they had regular training exercises, developed strength, flexibility and concentration. My colleagues in the school were monitoring & evaluating the progress and proficiency of the participants in different areas. 

As a programme leader I was happy to see the students' creative potentials were being enriched through service, skills and physical recreation. Next, I planned an Adventurous Journey with my colleagues and decided to visit Bhelda and Bhadalikhal. On the morning of 15th July we gathered at school, excited and armed with food and snacks. It was an 8 km journey through a forested area with many kinds of trees. We covered the route in two hours. The IAYP participants were delighted when they crossed a small river. Through experiential learning, the students learnt first-hand and got a very clear picture of what a jungle is. At the primary school in Bhelda we sat under a tree, while the participants prepared tea and had the food that they carried. We had an interactive session, discussing the problems of the inhabitants. Now it was time to return and as we started back, I was preoccupied by thoughts of the reports to be written in the IAYP Diaries. 

In December 2012 we were informed that the students of G.I.C. Matiyali have qualified for the Bronze Award. We were perhaps the first government school in Uttarakhand to accomplish the IAYP programme! 

I wish to acknowledge my gratitude to my staff members for their assistance in IAYP. Thanks are also due to R.K. Kukreti, B.B. Binjola, J.C. Bameta, K.K. Joshi, R.S. Tomar, Dr. C.S. Negi, and Dharmendra Negi Co-ordinator B.R.C. Kotdwar for their co-operation.  A special thank you to Skand Bali & Anand Mandhian to whom I turned for advice.

Dr. Jitendra Singh Negi (Award Leader), 
Govt. Inter College, 
Matiyali, Pauri Garhwal (Uttarakhand)

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