Wednesday 19 December 2012

A trek to Nagtibba - A Report

 On October 19th, 13 girls of Hopetown Girls' School along with 2 teachers went for a trek to Nagtibba.   The group left on 19th morning at 6 O'clock with each girl carrying a rucksack and a bag pack. As we commenced our journey our first stop was ‘the Maggie point’. We had our breakfast which consisted of parathas and paneer. We ordered tea for everybody and that was the best breakfast ever had. As we continued we reached Thatyur village. We stopped there to buy some necessary ration. The people of the village were very warm and welcoming.  

Our final stop was Devalsari at 1 O'clock.  Devalsari was our camp site so we all packed ourselves with our bag packs and rucksacks. We rented a mule to carry our utensils and food. As our camp site was on the other hill, so we had to trek all the way to our camp site.  As we reached there we started pitching our tents.  As we finished the chore our lunch was ready for us.  The menu was decided by the students so it was dal – chawal for our meal.  Later in the evening as we had our tea we went for a walk in the forest.  We came back before the sunset and sat around the bonfire  chit – chatting. 

Next day we were all up by 4:30 AM to cook our breakfast and lunch for the main trek.  Our destination was  ‘Nagtibba’.  With a cup of tea we started our trek.  On the way we had chocolates, glucose, sang songs. At the first stop which was after trekking for 6-7 kilometers, we had our breakfast. When we reached nagtibba  we had our lunch and our guide told us that we have trekked for 18 kilometers. In total we trekked for 36 kilometers and reached our campsite at 6 P.M.  As we reached back we were very tired so we decided to sleep but our teachers told us to cook the dinner and told us that if we would have slept that time our bodies would have gone very stiff. We had Maggie for supper.   

21st October was the last day and we all realized how much we all will miss this.  This was the best trek ever.  It made every individual strong mentally and physically and lest us with a never ending craving for adventure. 

Thank you IAYP!  

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