Tuesday 1 May 2012

GAHN Workshop, Singapore

GAHN Singapore Workshop Overview

Dates: 16-20th August 2012 (Thurs-Mon)
Venue: National Community Leadership Institute
Requirements: Gold Award holders, 20-34 years, English language proficiency
What is Provided: in-country accommodation, meals, airport transfers
Responsibility of Delegates: arrange/fund flights/travel to Singapore, travel visas

Applications: to be submitted to NAAs by 1st June 2012, contact Programme Manager India Mr. Bivujit Mukhoty by email Bivujit@dofe.in

Applications are requested to be received and reviewed by NAA India and to then submit two nominees to the Asia Pacific Regional Office by 8th June 2012. Final selection acceptance will be determined by the International Secretariat, Programme Team, Regional Office and organisers. This will be confirmed/notified by mid June 2012.

The workshop is open to a total of 38 Gold Award holder representatives. Two places each from Asia Pacific NAAs (and additional three for Asia Pacific IC Youth Reps and Mentor) are offered, along with three places each for the Africa, Americas and Europe Mediterranean & Arab States Regions (including 1 IC Youth Representative each). Any places not able to be taken up by NAAs will be offered to emerging NAAs and/or regional interns.

The GAHN will provide a platform for Gold Award Holders to make a difference through their leadership and contributions in their communities, equip them to become a future resource and role model and foster international engagement. A communique and recommendations from the event will be presented to the Malta Forum 2012.

The support of the NYAA Singapore to host the GAHN workshop is acknowledged with special appreciation.

We look forward to promoting and supporting this important youth engagement initiative.

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