Thursday 7 January 2010

Cherish Service & Relationship

The goal of the International Award for Young People to Cherish Service and Relationship fits like a perfect glove  with the objective of numerous companies, non profit organizations, local community groups and the Government. As all these sectors believe that empowering the youth, the future of a country, the future of the world holds the key to a progressive society.

The Award Partners all believe that the doing the Award develops essential skills such as confidence, improved communication, leadership, resilience and team working- all essential for a fast paced world of today. The Philosophy of the Award to be individualistic, non-competitive and flexible allows for the Award Programme to be integrated into daily lives without any changes in other commitments of a young persons life. As a matter of  fact, the Programme allows very individual to step outside the competitive, fast paced world of today and focus on one's self-development, to challenge only oneself.

For example, the Corporate sector sees the Award as a perfect mechanism to allow young employees to expand on their experiences by intergrating it with existing training and development programmes including apprenticeships, a level, graduate or other schemes; thus enhancing Corporate Responsibility agendas by promoting volunteering, involvement in the community, a better understanding of the environment and a healthier and fitter workforce.

As we move into a new decade, it becomes all the more imperative to partner and "Equip for Life".

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