Sunday 11 October 2009

Enroll Online

How to get enrolled from the Open Award Centre?

For individual Entrants, who have no access to a school / college / other Award Unit; the enrolment takes place at the Open Award Centre (OAC) or the National Award Authority Office.


• STEP 1

Fill the form and submit that along with 03 photographs and registration fee of Rs. 500.00 ( Rupees five hundred only), by a bank draft payable to "IAYP INDIA" at New Delhi, or pay online.


• STEP 2

Get your Starter pack comprising of a Record Book and a diary from the Open Award Centre.
• STEP 3

Start your activities for Service, Skill, Physical recreation, Expedition and Residential Project (for Gold only) under the guidance of your OAC approved Award Leader / guide / mentor / Assessor.

• STEP 4

Record your activities in a diary. An Entrant completes the Award with the help of an instructor and an assessor, who must be aware of the Award Programme and in direct communication with the Open Award Centre.

• STEP 5

Submit your Record Books and Diaries to the Open Award Centre for assessment. On due completion and compliance of the programme needs, the National Award Office will authorise the Award on Record Books.

• STEP 6

Clear all your dues, if any (like registration fee, Service charges and expedition charges etc).

• STEP 7

Get your Award Certificate and badge individually or in an Award presentation ceremony held once in a year and be recognized.

To enroll online you must be over 18 years of Age. For participants below the age of 18; only Guardians / Parents can apply. The participation is at the sole discretion of the National Award Authority, and the enrolment fee is NON REFUNDABLE.
Online payment will be reflected as payment made to

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