Wednesday 26 August 2009

Minutes of the meeting at OAC on 23rd August 2009

TIME: 4:00PM – 6:00PM
VENUE: Open Award Centre
               Sri Aurobindo Society, Adchini, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi 110017

PRESENT: Chaiman and Executive Trustee- Admiral Suren P Govil
National Director- Mr Sandeep Dutt
Youth Reprisentative- Ms. Shloka Vaidialingam & Mr. Rohit Saxena

To begin with the committee members introduced the ‘The International Award For Young People’, speakders were : Admiral Suren P Govil, Mr Sandeep Dutt, Ms. Shloka Vaidialingam.
Once the participants understood what was required of them, they were registered with the award by
Sachi Sareen (Open Award Center Team Leader).

The following is the list of participants that have been officially registered with the award:
1)Divyangana Dhankar Faculty of Law
2)Sahil Cordeiro St. Stephens College
3)Arshiya Singh Takar ---
4)Gauri Mehta DDV(Delhi University)
5)Ishaan Bhatia St. Stephens College
6)Karishma Rawat St. Stephens College
7)Gursheen Ghuman Jawaharlal Nehru University
8)Manvi Gutam Lady Sri Ram
9)Gayatri Talwar St. Stephens College
10)Sarthak Vyas St. Stephens College

Meanwhile Mr. Dutt addressed the team of volunteers, assigning them to various divisions as per their strengths and interests.

In the following is the list of Volunteers with their respective duties:
1. Training - Devyani (Works in Award Office)
2. Communication - Shloka (Youth Rep NAA - assist in PR and Communication)
3. Open Award Centre - Saachi (OAC Team Leader)
4. Event Management - Sanya (Works in Award Office)
5. Web and IT - Samriddhi (Will help Priyank)
6. Programme development - Freya (Works in Award office)
7. Award India - Karisma (Will assist Mrs. Jyotsna Govil)
8. Alumni - Rohit (Youth Rep NAA - assit in IT and Alumni)
9. Office Assitant - Chittranjan Das (Works for Book Cafe, handles the Award desk)
10. Award Office - Kritika (Volunteer Team Leader)

The meeting was concluded by Rohit Saxena who heads Alumni and Facebook initiatives. He addressed those present through a power point presentation, focusing on how the award has been progressing in india since it was initiated as well as ways in which we as key users of networking sights such as Facebook,can aid in the further spread of the award.

The next official meeting of volunteers and participants will be held on the 5th of September,2009 where the Open Award Center will be launched.

There after the team will meet every third Sunday of the month at the Open Award Center.

Special thanks to Chaiman and Executive Trustee- Admiral Suren P Govil,whose energy and young spirit stems to inspire the youth of today towards taking this award across barriers. We are most grateful to Ms. Daljeet Walia, Director of SAIMC, for not only being our host but for assuring us of full suppport towards the Open Award Centre Project.

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