Wednesday 8 July 2009

Way ahead

Finally back to Delhi from Pondicherry and Chennai... moving ahead from the last update of 28th June 2009... we are all set to build the Award brand in India.

The National Office of the Award will only work on the three P's:

PR (Public Relations)

PR -
1. Have started a dialogue with PR agencies.Norshe PR is a boutique for small business and social awareness, will make a presentation for approval of the Board on the 22nd of July 2009.
2. In July, Sandeep to attend the Brand Task Force meeting in London.
3. Meetings in Chennai, and Delhi with the Zonal Chairpersons.
4. Meeting with Ms. Mandira Moddie of the UN Millenium Project.
5. Meeting with Mr. Anubhav Nath of RNF.
6. Meeting with Mr. Sanjay Roy or Salaam Balak Trust.

Policy -
Web Plan - got going to a roaring start and Rohit has taken this project to new heights. is evolving with Priyank's efforts and good inputs from Rohit. We need News and updated from zones and photos too. Kindly email to

The ERP plan will be developed by the group - Rohit, Srikant (SZAA) and Priyank. Recommend a Skype call this week to take this ahead. We are getting inputs on the National IT Policy from other countries too.

Volunteer Management - work on a plan to enrol motivate volunteers. Devyani will work the modalities with her group of Gold Holders in Delhi.

Aurobindo Society of Pondicherry
will adopt the programme for national implementation, and we are putting in place a plan.

HSBC will implement the programme, the HR team is working on the strategy.
North Zone Working with the Hero Group and the JCB School, will sign up soon.

An MOU signed with Ramchander Nath Foundation (RNF)
Ramchander Nath Foundation (RNF) strives to be a think-tank on development and restoration of the arts – paintings, motor cars, antiquities, visual arts, architecture, writing, music and theatre; and to capitalize on the arts as a source of rehabilitation and fundraising for the under privileged.

Aims & Objectives
• To sponsor and facilitate talks, lectures, symposia and workshops in the arts.
• To collect funds for and to provide financial and other assistance to underprivileged children.
• To facilitate organizations working for the under privileged in fundraising; particularly utilizing the arts.
• To initiate and assist in mentoring underprivileged children, for their holistic development.
• To give or corporate in giving and organizing awards, grants, fellowships and scholarships in the arts.
• To felicitate and commemorate notable contributions in the field of arts.
• To advise, assist and contribute in any manner to the promotion, restoration and development of the arts.
• To disseminate information, knowledge and awareness on arts and their restoration.
• To provide a forum for free and frank exchange of views on all matters related to the interest of the embers, particularly related to the arts -- their development and restoration.

RNF will operate the Programme as a unit of the North Zone for the prison inmates at Tihar Jail (18-25 years) prisoners and motivate them to come out with skills and a positive mind set.
North Zone will use this as a service Project too, and Malini is working on this. Please contact Malini with ideas and for more information.

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