Sunday 14 June 2009

National Director Induction Training, Australia

6th of June to the 14th in Australia.

National Directors of Bangladesh and India were invited by the Regional Director Sue Walker, to get a formal training and develop a strategy for the National Directors strategic alliance, due to be made in 2010.

An opportunity to get a first hand, and more so a ring side view of the Award Programme organisation in Australia; where there is a federal model very much like India. Both countries have had the programme going for near 50 years and have always worked closely in training, development and growth of the Award Programme in the Asia Pacific Region.

Induction Programme
Sunday 7 June 2009
Arrival of National Directors at Sydney:
Sandeep Dutt, India
Suman Kumar Saha, Bangladesh

Travelodge Wynard
7-9 York St
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: +61 2 9274 1222

Day 1
Monday 8 June 2009
International Perspective
Board/Governance Perspective
(with Sue Walker and Peter Kaye)

Asia Pacific Regional Office
Suite 703, Level 7
80 Clarence St

Day 2
Tuesday 9 June 2009
National Director Perspective
(with Regional Team)

Day 3
Wednesday 10 June 2009
Case Study: Australian NAA
9.00am with Rachel Sainsbury National Projects & Communications
(at Asia Pacific Office)

Kim Brislane National Director
Australian Award Office
Suite 1104, Level 11
4 Bridge St

Case Study: New South Wales State Award
1.00pm with Bob Cresswell NSW Executive Officer
(at Asia Pacific Office)

Day 4
Thursday 11 June 2009
Meeting with International Trustee/ Regional Chairman John Pascoe 10am

Macquarie House
Level 11, 167-169 Macquarie St

Induction Package DVD filming

Day 5
Friday 12 June 2009
Development Planning

Youth Perspective (with IC Youth Rep Katie Hulmes)

2009 Regional Training Workshop Planning
(with trainers Rob Oliphant and Peter Kaye)

Forum Venues and Sightseeing.

Farewell Dinner

Saturday 13 June 2009

Summary Report:
This was a maiden effort and a good one; familiarized us with our duties and prepared the National Directors to adopt the best practices and build the Award Programme. From an understanding of the international perspective, to the nuts and bolts of the operation and finally the development of a strategic plan.

No news from India for this week; am back and next week you will hear more about the developments in India. The East Zone on Holiday, schools closed, activity on an ebb.

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