Friday 20 October 2023

The Award In Action—Bawa Lalvani Public School, Kapurthala

Report by Rishita Pandey, IX-Commendables, Bawa Lalvani Public School, Kapurthala. 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!


A crisp morning dawned as my classmates from IX Commendables and I embarked on an extraordinary journey as part of The International Award for Young People (IAYP). Our destination? The enchanting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir. Little did we know that this expedition would be more than a mere trip; it would be a transformative exploration of gratitude, empathy, and personal growth.

Our visit to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir was not just about observation; it was an opportunity for us to shoulder significant responsibilities and step into leadership roles. The girls from IX Commendables, myself included, were entrusted with the task of connecting with the female pupils of the school. This experience became an exercise in empathy, communication, and the profound power of building relationships. Simultaneously, our male counterparts took on the responsibility of engaging with the male pupils, an experience that led to the discovery of camaraderie, teamwork, and the essence of healthy competition.

Among the most memorable aspects of our visit was witnessing the spirited participation of the pupils in various races and games on the school grounds. The energy was palpable, but what left an indelible mark was the unwavering sense of sportsmanship that pervaded every event. The spirit of competition was not about winning at all costs but about giving one's utmost while respecting the efforts of others. Prizes served as motivation, but the true reward lay in the inner drive to continually improve, push boundaries, and embrace both victory and defeat with grace. This experience etched in us the profound significance of sports in character building and promoting unity. One of the most poignant moments of our visit was our interaction with the youngest members of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir. Spending time with the infants, endeavoring to bring smiles to their faces, revealed an overwhelming sense of compassion and love that permeated the room. Witnessing their resilience in the face of adversity and the unwavering support they received from the school staff was a deeply humbling experience. It served as a stark reminder of the privileges and opportunities we are blessed with in our lives. This encounter left an indelible mark, teaching us the impact of kindness and empathy, even in the most challenging circumstances. It underscored the idea that small acts of compassion can ripple outward, creating a significant and positive impact on the world.

Our visit to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir was a transformative odyssey, reshaping the trajectory of our lives. It etched within us a deep sense of gratitude, empathy, and personal growth. As I returned to my school, I carried with me not just a trove of memories but a steadfast commitment to effect positive change in the world. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir transcended being a mere visit; it became a perpetual source of inspiration and a poignant reminder of the enduring values that continue to shape my life's journey.
This journey reaffirmed that education extends beyond textbooks; it encompasses the nurturing of character and the practice of empathy.


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