Friday 1 September 2023

The Award In Action—Bawa Lalvani Public School, Kapurthala

Report by Sparsh Joshi, Bawa Lalvani Public School, Kapurthala 


One of the most important lessons under The International Award for Young People that I have learned is that voluntary and social service is all about promoting social change, development, cohesion, and the empowerment of people & communities. Basically, social service has taught me the significance of empathy.
Through my work with the Voluntary Service section of The Award Programme, I have seen first-hand the struggles that many people go through on a daily basis. It has made me appreciate the things that I have in my own life and has taught me to be more compassionate towards others.
Another lesson that social service has taught me is the power of community. When we work together towards a common goal, we can achieve so much more than we ever could on our own. Whether it is a group of volunteers coming together to feed the homeless or a community rallying around a family in need, the support of others can make all the difference.
Social service has taught me that no matter how small our actions may seem, they can have a significant impact on the lives of others. A kind word, a smile, or a simple act of kindness can brighten someone's day and remind them that they are not alone.
I have not only experienced doing cleanliness and sewa at Gurudwara Sahib, but I also understand how such an experience could teach someone about humanity and social service for mankind.
Serving others without any selfish motives is an essential aspect of many cultures and religions. By volunteering to clean the Gurudwara, I am able to express my devotion to the community and willingness to serve others. This act of service helps me create a sense of belonging to a larger community and provides an essential service to those who seek solace in the Gurudwara.


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