Friday 7 July 2023

The Award In Action—Maha Devi Birla World School, Kolkata



This week, let's find out the experience of our Award Leader, Mr. Atindra Choudhary from Maha Devi Birla World School, Kolkata with The Award Programme!

Q. What do you think is inspiring about the International Award for Young People in your experience?
A. When young people participate in The Award Programme, they have the opportunity to experience things that they may not have otherwise. They get to explore new places, meet new people, and develop a sense of community that can be truly life-changing.

Q. How have you seen The Award Programme impact your students' personal development and growth?
A. One of the things I’m most proud of is how IAYP helps young people in developing important life skills. We see it happen all the time - as they navigate new situations and overcome challenges, they gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, and become more self-reliant and adaptable.

Q. Can you highlight a particularly memorable moment from a student's journey towards achieving The Award?
A. One of our favourite memories from a recent trip was watching a group of Award participants who were working towards their Bronze and Gold Awards. They completed all of the required tasks, including visiting an old age home, volunteering in their community, and providing food to underprivileged children. It was amazing to see their hard work pay off, and to see them make a real impact in the lives of others.

Q. How do you see The Award helping young people to be ready for college and their future?
A. A student's development can be fully realized by going through each of the four stages in the Award Programme. By acknowledging their skill and collaborating with the community, they are capable of tackling everyday problems and being able to adjust your approach according to varying situations is an important requirement for success both now and when attending college.

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