Friday 16 June 2023

The Award in Action - OAC participant Ezekiel Baskar

Report by Ezekiel Baskar, OAC - Bronze Level Award participant.

My journey with The international Award for Young People has been phenomenal. Under the guidance of Sir Bivujit Mukhoty, I was able to successfully complete the Bronze Level adventure journey, famously called the A.J., with 25 participants of Raphael Centre at Maldevta Camp, Dehradun, from 26th to 29th March 2023. It was indeed encouraging to assist special kids and help them with various tasks like rope climbing. Learning, helping, and working as a team were all aspects I could imprint on my AJ journey with IAYP.

We went through four days consisting of the preparation journey, practice journey, and qualifying journey across the Pohrigerwal Himalayan region. Understanding the abilities of the participants, addressing their task requirements, and enhancing motivational norms for positive outcomes were all lessons IAYP taught me to work on during the AJ.

It was truly memorable to carry forward and inspiring to live with. I look forward to inspiring many others and carrying on the life lessons of IAYP throughout my journey.

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