Saturday 27 May 2023

The Award in Action - Arpita Jain, Saffron Public School, Phagwara, Punjab

 My name is Arpita, and I completed my schooling at Saffron Public School in Phagwara, Punjab. I have achieved the Bronze Award of The International Award for Young People.

Throughout my academic journey, I have always been an inquisitive student, actively engaging in both co-curricular activities and academics, finding the perfect blend between the two.

In 2017, I attended a workshop conducted by IAYP, where I discovered that it falls under the auspices of The Duke of Edinburgh UK and holds significant international recognition and respect. Realizing its value, I decided to pursue the award.

The impact of the Award on my life has been overwhelmingly positive. Engaging in various activities helped me understand that learning extends beyond textbooks and teachers. It taught me empathy and agility, whether through recreational pursuits or visiting old age homes.

Choosing badminton as my physical recreation section was an easy decision since I had always been fond of the sport. I had prior knowledge and experience playing it during my childhood, making it a natural choice.

Dance, on the other hand, has been my lifelong passion. As an avid dance lover since childhood, it was an obvious choice for my recreational activity. I even pursued semi-classical dance during my school days, and I continue to indulge in it whenever I have free time.

Selecting the old age home as my voluntary service section was a thoughtful decision. The voluntary service section holds great significance in my mind as it instilled empathy, generosity, benevolence, and a sense of humanity within me. Visiting old age homes and orphanages, distributing essentials, and empathizing with the residents filled me with pride and gratitude for the opportunity to make a positive impact on society.

My adventure journey days were truly euphoric. From trekking to camping and climbing mountains in Manali, it was an exhilarating experience beyond words. Spending three days in tents, learning how to build them, and participating in various adventure activities made the whole experience worthwhile.

To budding award holders, my advice would be to give it their best shot and put in their utmost effort. Trust me, the rewards will be worth every ounce of dedication they invest today. As for me, transitioning from being an award holder to an intern at IAYP feels like life has come full circle. It was never a planned ride for me, but stumbling upon an opportunity on LinkedIn and getting selected as an intern has been an enigmatic journey.

Undoubtedly, The International Award for Young People holds relevance for young individuals even today. It has stood the test of time, constantly adapting to change while maintaining its significance. This Award Programme continues to provide meaning and substance to the youth.

The Award has indeed helped me shape my career. It has channelled my energy and directed my interests towards the right path. I now have a clearer understanding of my abilities and the path I should pursue in life. The immense importance of The International Award for Young People has guided me in my progressive endeavours.

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