Friday 17 February 2023

The Award in Action- Purkal Youth Development Society, Dehradun

The contribution of Award Participants from Purkal Youth Development Society, Dehradun towards a clean and better environment!

Taking a small step towards a cleaner environment and reaching out to community, Award Participants took the initiative to clean their surroundings on Sunday, 12th of February. Some individually and some in groups, Participants along with their family members participated in a Cleaning Drive in the surrounding area.

Participants staying in the hostel cleaned the dining hall, washing area, and the adjacent river of the school.

Award Participants successfully covered up the 11 different areas (Purkal, Jaspur, Panditwari, Shenshai Ashram, Rajpur, Rikholi and Kimadi Village among others).

I hope these young Award Participants and Achievers will come together in taking care of our community and take steps cautiously to create a beautiful world.

- by Manish Chandel,

Award Leader,

Purkal Youth Development Society,

Purkal, Dehradun


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